The Snowglobe

DSCN2037DECEMBER IN MAINE. Descriptions and emotions range from expletive deleted words of anger at Mother Nature to the more artistic and romantic look at the “Winter Wonderland” that seemingly starts in October. Maine winters can be harsh, unforgiving, and brutal at times but they are, like so many forces of nature and the seasons in which they dwell, breath-taking, amazing, and of course inspiring.

Displaying image1.JPGAs I sit and write this post, I am sipping strong coffee from my favorite rooster mug in my rather cold kitchen (being lazy this morning, I haven’t worked my wood stoves yet), watching the light fluffy snow drift around from the sky, and seeing the sun struggle to remain at the forefront of the clouds. It looks raw outside, it feels cold, but somehow it is incredibly comforting. It’s tough sometimes, these Maine winters, BUT….but…..I wouldn’t want it any other way really (okay, sometimes I do especially when I’m tired!) as it is where I get the majority of my inspiration from when I am creating things. Displaying image3.JPG

I wish I could capture the feeling of walking in the woods during a snowstorm with a photograph but that’s not my medium. For me it’s akin to being inside a snowglobe; standing still, looking up, watching the snowflakes dance and swirl, whirl and twirl — around and around until they fall onto the ground silently. They are seemingly alive while all theshop window winterwoods around them are sleeping; like little fairies having a party. Sometimes I feel like I have stepped into a children’s story full of magic, beauty, and wonder. Sometimes I feel quite like a child in that respect as well.

And ya know….. I am completely OKAY with that.

Love and hugs from the deep, dark, magical Maine woods…….

–Kim KSNP4

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I Love Linen…SEW Much….


I love linen. A lot. Absurdly a lot; for many reasons. For one, linen is a natural fabric derived from the flax plant. For another, it is super breathable which is great for what I make as it allows scent to come through beautifully. The breathability factor is also fantastic for wearing clothes made from linen, which I do in the summer and warm weather months. Linen is just, for me, an all around “win win” when it comes to creating, design, and fashion.

Sewing linen is a dream for me personally; it irons well, creases well, and stays put when I stitch. There is; however, a crinkle factor. Linen will wrinkle pretty intensely with very little effort. That is to say if you were to wash one of the cases on the eye pillows I make, you will indeed find that it comes back to you with convolutions that take some effort to flatten. I use steam on my handkerchief weight linen and starch on my heavier weight linen. A little tip from experience, test your fabric first before using steam or starch and make sure your iron is clean. That advice goes toward any fabric you are working with really; I have ruined things in the past with a….whispers….dirty iron.

The photo above is one of my newest linen eye pillow designs. It is one of the first times I’ve attempted color blocking and I am really pleased at the way it came out.

Feel free to post photos of your linen creations in the comments below! 🙂
Thanks for reading 🙂

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Biggest Sale of the Year

I hope everyone had a lovely turkey day and the “food” hangover wasn’t too bad for you! I also hope everyone is being nice to one another today as the Black Friday madness begins!

I am running TWO sales this weekend; from now (Black Friday) all the way through midnight on Cyber Monday.

SALE #1: in my Etsy shop (which you can get to from my webpage) I am offering 25% off of all items with the promotional code HOLIDAY25

SALE #2: in my webstore I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all purchases. There is no minimum either; just free shipping

At the last show I did, so many people bought dryer sachets and mini balsam sachets as wonderful, handmade stocking stuffers. Many more customers bought my aromatherapy room sprays which also make great little gifts. They are also fantastic for your holiday parties too. The most popular scent bought is definitely Seaside Dreams with Tension Relief as a close second.

So a choice! 🙂 Whichever you decide, I am honored to be of service to you. I am grateful for all the support and love I’ve received too. This year has been a great one and I am happy to report that the business continues to grow.

I absolutely love creating products that make you feel good, relaxed, and bring some comfort in times of stress. I am truly grateful to each and every customer I have because so many of you become more than that; you become friends.

I am amazed every day and honestly thankful to understand the meaning of connectedness.

I mean, we ARE all connected. Right?

Love and Hugs from the Maine Woods,


PS: If you need any assistance, please send an email to


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How to Make Your House Guests Feel Welcome

our kitchenThe most important thing to me when I have house guests is that they are super comfortable and feel welcomed immediately; like part of the family. We entertain often and a quick and easy way to make guests feel instantly relaxed, at-home, and comforted is with scent. I do this using my Warm Vanilla Room & Linen Spray in the entryway. The immediate reaction is, “Oh wow. Your house smells SO good!” along with a huge, gratified smile.

We are also selling our home  so I use my natural room sprays to freshen up the house before  people come to look. Cozy and sweet, Warm Vanilla is one of my best sellers.

3.5.13 004

Sometimes I alternate, depending on the season, with Seaside Dreams. Seaside Dreams smells like a day at the beach. I use seaside dreams rsorganic lemongrass essential oil and combine it with toasty coconut, and sweet vanilla fragrance oils.

For guests that are staying the night, or several nights, I like to spray their room with my Sleepy Head room and linen spray. I designed this blend for people who get headaches and have trouble falling asleep, especially in places other than their own. It is a relaxing blend of lavender, peppermint, and rose with lovely notes of sandalwood. I like to mist the pillows, sheets, and comforters with this blend and all of our guests have said they love it.

our bedroom

Another fun thing we do is tuck lavender sachets into the guest linens. Many times I just tell my guests to take the sachets with them as a thank you for coming to visit.  A favorite is the chickadee design which is also the Maine state bird. They serve as a nice keepsake and a lovely reminder of their time spent in Vacationland.

4.13.13 050

My Room and Linen sprays are NEVER tested on animals. I use organic pure essential oils and top quality fragrance oils. Not sure of a scent I carry? No problem! Send me an email and I would be happy to send a scent sample to you. If you live in the “neighborhood” come visit me in person! On Thursdays at The Casco Farmers’ Market and on Saturdays at The Bridgton Farmers Market.

Until next time…..

Moose Logo 1.31.2012

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Internationally Known…

One of the most satisfying and artistic things I do is design and create custom work. There is something super special about that and it’s even sweeter when a “plan comes together”.  It’s even more exciting to me when that order goes international.

China 1At our local High School, some of our teachers and students go to China as part of the ambassador program.  It is quite exciting and an incredible experience for everyone. This year, I was asked to come up with a design that would incorporate the school colors (green and gold), the chinese symbol for friendship while including the color red for China and an element of Maine. I will say that I had an absolute BLAST coming up with the design.  

For the inside of the sachet, we felt Maine balsam fir would best represent Maine. It is something unique to our state and we felt host families would really love something special from Vacationland. 

China order 3

China order 2I used Kaufman Waterford linen in natural on one side and red Osnaburg on the other. The applique design was more challenging.

2013 - logo with hat


We decided to go with a moose applique (the mascot of my business) for the “Maine” side of the sachet and the Chinese character for “friendship” on the other.

My good friend Cathy Corbett, owner of Oxford Hills Mill End Store, helped pick  the fabric I would use for the moose applique. We chose a gorgeous cotton by Benartex in  gold, green, and red plaid which is a  perfect representation of the colors for Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School.  I then made the Chinese character for friendship using my top-secret applique process and cut them all by hand. I really love the black against red contrast! 

China orderThe order was for twenty sachets; twenty times to handcut “Friendship” in Chinese. I can now write it now without checking my work! Pretty cool I think.

 This order was truly an honor and a privilege to create and craft. What was most enjoyable for me was merging two cultures through symbolism and motif. I am eager to hear how they were received.

While I wait, I will be working on another custom order for a wedding pillow. Another joy and pleasure to create.  I hope you find your happiness today in whatever you decide to accomplish! Thanks for reading! 🙂 

3.4.13 006-001




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Dryer Sachet Winners!!

Dryer Sachet Winners!!

We have our winners! Congratulations to Diane Wilson AND Jane Skotch! Happy SPRING to everyone and have an EXCELLENT weekend! xoxoxo –Kim

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Perry Home Naturals

March. Where I live in Maine, this translates into many things. For most of us it means Mud Season is upon us. Literally. UPON us all and ON everything; boots, carpets, floors, the car, our clothes, jackets, and of course snow pants (yes, because here mud season is really ice, snow, mud, and fluctuating temps so the mud sometimes turns into ice-mud, and snow pants are necessary, but that’s not the point. Read on). 

I’ve calculated that I do more laundry this time of year than any other and it is just too cold to hang it. So, the dryer it is. Along with using the dryer comes using my dryer sachets. They are reusable and last about 20 loads of wash each.  I carry several blends but the lavender is the most popular. 

So this month, I am giving away a set of THREE organic lavender…

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