You’re Such A Card….

When I was a kid, I invented my own card “company” called Kim Cards: When You Can’t Afford to Send the Very Best. My mom thought it was hilarious. I would sign each card I made with that “tag” line and a tradition was born. Sometimes I still do that when I make cards at home, but only for the sake of perpetuating a 30+ years old family joke.

At one point, in my college years, I actually collaborated with a graphic design friend about starting our own card business. We wanted to create anti-Valentine Day cards, break-up cards, and basically become the foil character to the big card companies in “town”. We designed a couple but we never actually did much with it. We made some for friends here and there but that was about it.

I have a SERIOUS obsession with paper and office supplies; always have and always will. It takes tremendous strength, courage, and willpower to not lose the mortgage money to office supply stores. I don’t even CARE which ones they are; big or small, dirty or clean, I love them all. The gleaming aisles of PENS….OMG in every color, shape & size….PAPER CLIPS…same description (some are even zebra striped….ZEBRA STRIPED)….MARKERS and SHARPIES?!?!?! Folders? PAPER? TAPE?!?!?! It’s enough to drive me absolutely mad.

Look, some people love shoes some love their fine wines….I happen to love office supplies. Don’t judge me.

The reality of it all is that I don’t have an expendable bank account nor do I have a trust fund and my little business is small but more than that, I honestly don’t like wasting anything. Yes, YES I would love to have 8 trillion pens, 75,000 notepads, or 9000 packs of sticky notes in each color and size but I can’t and I wouldn’t anyway. I enjoy using what I have on hand.

Each year we get awesome Holiday cards and admittedly I am horrible at sending my own out to people; the irony here kills me. However, what we do with the cards is we save them and put them carefully away with the ornaments. The following year, when we are decorating and wrapping gifts, we use the old cards and make new ones from them using whatever we have on hand: ribbons, paper, glue, GLITTER (squee!) and fabric scraps. We also make gift tags as well.

The cool thing about using old cards to make new is of course the repurpose aspect but also remembering who sent it and the fact that they remember our family during this special time of year. I adore making the repurposed cards with my daughter and then sending that same card to the family who originally sent it to us. It’s a lot of fun, memorable, and costs nothing but my time. Win. Win.

This year though, I did purchase cards from my good friend Beth who runs her own handmade Etsy shop as well. Those cards will be used as NOEL Card WSCard“holders” for the honor donation gifts we purchased this year (see my last blog post). I can’t wait to get that started! I love her shop, her work, and I really just couldn’t resist. I love to support small businesses and hers is absolutely top notch.  She and I have worked with each other for years online and she’s like family to me. Did I mention that I love her work?

I hope that the cards I send out this year get recycled into something cool and new and I really hope I get to see it next year! Whatever they turn out to be!! 🙂

Love and hugs from the Maine woods……..


About Perry Home Naturals

I live in Western Maine, on four acres, with my hilarious husband, entertaining daughter, a flock of chickens & three rambunctious kitties. I am owner artisan of Perry Home Naturals that I started (as Winter Solstice Dreams) in 2010. Striving to leave things better than I found them which includes teaching my daughter to follow my husband & I as we lovingly try to make this world better in our own "backyard".
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