Biggest Sale of the Year

I hope everyone had a lovely turkey day and the “food” hangover wasn’t too bad for you! I also hope everyone is being nice to one another today as the Black Friday madness begins!

I am running TWO sales this weekend; from now (Black Friday) all the way through midnight on Cyber Monday.

SALE #1: in my Etsy shop (which you can get to from my webpage) I am offering 25% off of all items with the promotional code HOLIDAY25

SALE #2: in my webstore I am offering FREE SHIPPING on all purchases. There is no minimum either; just free shipping

At the last show I did, so many people bought dryer sachets and mini balsam sachets as wonderful, handmade stocking stuffers. Many more customers bought my aromatherapy room sprays which also make great little gifts. They are also fantastic for your holiday parties too. The most popular scent bought is definitely Seaside Dreams with Tension Relief as a close second.

So a choice! 🙂 Whichever you decide, I am honored to be of service to you. I am grateful for all the support and love I’ve received too. This year has been a great one and I am happy to report that the business continues to grow.

I absolutely love creating products that make you feel good, relaxed, and bring some comfort in times of stress. I am truly grateful to each and every customer I have because so many of you become more than that; you become friends.

I am amazed every day and honestly thankful to understand the meaning of connectedness.

I mean, we ARE all connected. Right?

Love and Hugs from the Maine Woods,


PS: If you need any assistance, please send an email to



About Perry Home Naturals

I live in Western Maine, on four acres, with my hilarious husband, entertaining daughter, a flock of chickens & three rambunctious kitties. I am owner artisan of Perry Home Naturals that I started (as Winter Solstice Dreams) in 2010. Striving to leave things better than I found them which includes teaching my daughter to follow my husband & I as we lovingly try to make this world better in our own "backyard".
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